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You'll meet a few different characters throughout the game. You'll be able to purchase most of them in the Heroes menu. To see a list of attributes and abilities see Heroes

Personalities[edit | edit source]

Garian:[edit | edit source]

A Hero which you'll find in one of the beginning battle quests, who was locked in a death trap. He's itching for a way to get back at his captors and is knowledgeable of the area pretty well. He'll be able to use his squad to attack your mutual enemies.
Garian is an honorable and battle hardened warrior that was once a General of the Blue Galaxy Alliance. A genius tactician with bite that backs up his bark. Garian is renowned around the galaxy as one of the finest warriors in existence.
During Operation "Salvation," Garian and his battalion were ordered to defend a command center against enemy takeover. In the defensive operation, Garian's battalion was significantly outnumbered and suffered heavy casualties. After extreme losses, Garian ordered his battalion to retreat into the command center to fortify their positions and wait for backup. Garian and his troops were ill prepared with what awaited them; an empty command center that was rigged for self-detonation. Luckily, an intelligence and bomb expert was on hand and successfully disabled the detonation sequence.

Saurius:[edit | edit source]

Saurius, the dinosaur-looking humanoid, strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies on the battlefield. His strength and speed far exceed those of normal humans and his physical appearance alone is enough to create panic and chaos.
Saurius, however, was originally a celebrated warrior; on that was framed and sentenced to death for treason by conspirators in the upper echelons of the military in fear of his charisma and influence. Seeing the opportunity to experiment on such a fine specimen, a demented scientist was able to win favor with the authorities and was granted the condemned warrior for use in twisted experimentation. The mad doctor conducted many tests on the once decorated warrior and eventually was able to produce a humanoid creature that would be the idea soldier on the battlefield. Accompanying the boosted physical performance and cosmetic changes, the warrior's mental condition also regressed into a more beastly nature. The mad doctor called his creation Saurius and marveled at his success in what seems to be the perfect soldier.
However, all would not end well for the doctor. Saurius was able to break from his prison, eliminate the doctor, and escape from the test facility. While there are no traces of Saurius' original form, his speech, battle instincts, and physical abilities are all intact and enhanced. Having the need to just survive, Saurius sells his skills to the highest bidder.

Vesta:[edit | edit source]

Despite her strong personality and honorable nature, Vesta, or Adelene Elson, had a problematic childhood growing up,
Adelene was always the smallest girl in the class and normally not he brightest. Due to her dainty and homely nature, she was always bullied by other children. There was not much that brought her joy or peace, except for dancing. As a child she loved to watch people dance and to dance herself. It made her forget about all the troubles and problems in her life.
On one particular day in her childhood years, she found some kids playing with fireworks in the woods. She watched the children from afar, taking notice that these children were the same children that were bullying her at school. As the children played about, with sticks of fire in their hands, one of the misfits accidentally dropped a lit stick into a box full of fireworks. The box exploded and the children that were playing around it all caught on fire. Despite the chaos that ensued, little Adelene did not notice the fire horror. Instead, all she saw was the beautiful dance of the flames as they twisted, moved, and flickered about.
Adelene, for reasons that make sense to those that understand, eventually joined the Blazers Corp and rose through the ranks to be one of the top Blazer troops. She now performs her duties without fail and perhaps more intimately, enjoys the dancing of the flames whenever she creates them.

Heat:[edit | edit source]

An Extremely resilient Blazer, Heat needs only two things to make him happy, Money and the opportunity to Burn!
Heat becomes the "Fire Assassin" once he dons the the customized Blazer suit, spreading chaos and destruction on the battlefield.
Heat's real name is John Stills, and his fascination with fire began at an early age. His escapades with fire have earned him the nickname "Heat" among those unfortunate enough to be around him when he was enjoying fire. Upon hearing that the military will pay for, and train people to shoot flames and set objects and enemies on fire, John signed up and joined the ranks of the Blazers with glee. John's unnatural obsession with fire game him an innate understanding of fire and it's behavior, allowing him to rise quickly through the ranks to become an Elite Blazer. Heat was eventually dishonorably discharged due to his "maniacal and dangerous personality" when using the flamethrower, having burned several of his comrades to death while he was under a fit of flame-throwing-ecstasy. Heat continues to do what he does best as a mercenary: burning oppositions and making a little money on the side.

Lyudmila:[edit | edit source]

The 2nd best sniper in the Galaxy, Lyudmila is a young and flirtatious young woman who has potential to become the best at her craft. Her sniping abilities and off-duty partying have earned her the nickname "Heart Sniper".
Despite the fact that Lyudmila spends much of her off-duty time period partying and having fun, her sniping skills remain top-class. Her focus, calculative abilities and her natural instinct of prediction has elevated her through the ranks and earned her a reputation of being one of the most deadly women in the galaxy.
Olga, Lyudmila's rival, comments "that woman's first passion is sniping men's hearts. Her 2nd passion is sniping. If those priorities were reversed, I'd be 2nd best."

Claatoo[edit | edit source]

Always one to seek out and study new life forms, Claatoo has traveled across the star ocean to seek and learn about all of the life forms he could discover. His species has special telekinesis powers that allow him to manipulate objects with his mind, as well as form a mental link with almost all types of life forms; except humans.
Claatoo's first encounter with humans was not a pleasant one. Upon arrival within the human sectors, he was attacked by space pirates. Trying to form a mental link with these creatures proved to be unsuccessful. Confused and surprised, the alien did not know how to react and was helpless. Luckily, some friendly humans came to Claatoo's aid and helped him escape.
Claatoo discovered humans and found that they were an odd species, capable of fiendish and friendly acts. Intrigued by the warring species, the curious alien has devoted himself to understand more about the human species and to aid the humans with noble intent.

Olga:[edit | edit source]

Olga has a few words for Lyudmila, Olga's rival. "Lyudmila's first passion is sniping men's hearts. Her second passion is sniping. If those priorities were reversed, I'd be the 2nd best."
Olga is the most dangerous active sniper in the galaxy. Her skills as a sniper were honed due to her large size; sneaking and hiding are not her strong points. Instead she sharpened her skills to hit targets from mind-boggling distances.
Olga grew up as a large child; no matter what she did, she could not reduce her frame size. Because of her size, the other children did not want to include her in any of their activities. As a result, Olga spent a lot of time with her father, doing what they loved most; spending father and daughter time, hunting and shooting. Olga's father taught her all the skills and techniques of shooting, tracking and hunting. Possessing exceptional skills and constantly being praised for them, Olga poured herself in her training and focused on distance and accuracy and elevated her skills to inhuman levels at a young age.
When Olga eventually entered into the Galaxy Alliance Sniper Academy, many of her colleagues made fun of her and her size. She quickly dispelled any misconceptions of her abilities as she rose through the ranks and holds the top records for accuracy, precision and distance shots.

Panda:[edit | edit source]

The first half of the 21st century saw the rise of the cruel, but entertaining Animal Fight League (AFL). This bloody league pitted various animals against each other in a caged fight where only a single victor emerged. It was also the stage for the rise of, arguably, the greatest fighter of all time.
China's rise to power during the first half of the 21st century marked a pivotal turning point for the country and China needed a symbol of their power and growth; it was only natural that they had trained and entered a Panda, named TyChen into the AFL to compete against the world. While the Panda was trained in Kung Fu and various other forms of hand to hand combat, it was Boxing that came naturally to TyChen and allowed the panda to maximize it's fighting potential.
TyChen and China's dominance in the AFL established to the world that China was now a, if not THE, superpower of the new world. Despite dominance of the panda in the AFL TyChen grew old and it's aging body would be the only thing to stop it. China decided to preserve TyChen's mind and build a super strong robotic panda body to be the vessel of TyChen's brain. With the merge of superior fighting instinct and ungodly technological advances, the Legend of the Android Panda becomes an undying reminder of the abomination that humans will construct to cement their legacy throughout history.