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DPS: 40.0
Hit Points: 1200
Shield: 450
Buy Cost: Matterium.png 1600
Daily Cost: Energ.png 75,000
Abilities: Shell
Always one to seek out and study new life forms, Claatoo has traveled across the star ocean to seek and learn about all of the life forms he could discover. His species has special telekinesis powers that allow him to manipulate objects with his mind, as well as form a mental link with almost all types of life forms; except humans.
Claatoo's first encounter with humans was not a pleasant one. Upon arrival within the human sectors, he was attacked by space pirates. Trying to form a mental link with these creatures proved to be unsuccessful. Confused and surprised, the alien did not know how to react and was helpless. Luckily, some friendly humans came to Claatoo's aid and helped him escape.
Claatoo discovered humans and found that they were an odd species, capable of fiendish and friendly acts. Intrigued by the warring species, the curious alien has devoted himself to understand more about the human species and to aid the humans with noble intent.