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How do I upgrade my structures?

Select the desired structure to access the "Upgrade" option at the center-bottom of the screen. Upgrading the Command Center will unlock new structures and allow current structures to be further upgraded. Keep in mind, a structure will not be functional while they are being upgraded. We suggest you upgrade your turrets while your base has its shields up.

What is the Star Dock's function?

The Star Dock gives the player access to NPC travelers such as the traveler, the merchant, the engineer, the commander, and Heroes. Depending on the visiting traveler, you will get different bonuses. Upgrading the Star Dock will increase the frequency of visitors.
Tip: Having a Hero visit you will give you access to the hero. You are free to hire and purchase them. Additional visits from an unlocked Hero ill give you hired time.

Where can I find heroes?

Low Tier Heroes can be found in the Single Player Campaign. Other Tier Heroes can be found through online battles. The player can also purchase special Heroes in the Vault using Matterium. Players can also share collected Heroes with other players within their Alliance for a limited time; a great way to try out new Heroes!

How do I use Heroes?

Access the Heroes' information by selecting the "Heroes" icon in Building mode. You can temporarily hire heroes [by spending Crystals] or purchase heroes permanently [by spending Matterium]. Once they have been hired, the Heroes can be deployed in battles. In Battle Mode, the Heroes tab can be selected, which will show you all the Heroes at your disposal. The player can select the desired Hero's icon and tap a valid space on the battlefield to deploy it. Heroes can be used as often as the heroes are hired.

Can I control troops and heroes in battle?

You can't control any units in battle after they've been deployed. Strategy must be taken into account when deploying your units. Your troops' target preferences, range, damage per second, damage type, and unit attributes must be weighed against your opponent's base layout and the purpose of your attack.

How do I use a Hero's Skill?

Each Hero has a set of personalized skills. Some research about the Hero's Skills can be done in the Heroes page. Once a Hero is selected in battle, the Skills belonging to the Hero will show on the right side of the screen. Some skills will just require a single touch to activate, while others will require the player to select the direction or area of skill activation. Once a skill has been used, there will be a cooldown period in which the skill cannot be used again until it has had the proper amount of time to refresh. The player can refresh the skill instantly in battle by spending Matterium. Skills can also be readied immediately while in Building Mode within the Heroes page.

Can I see replays of my opponents' attacks on my base?

Replays are available for Offensive and Defensive engagements. These replays can be accessed through the "Battle Report" icon within the button drawer on the left side of Building Mode's screen. Only replays of engagements within 24 hours are available.

How can I create or join an Alliance?

You must build an Alliance Portal, which is available when your Command Center reaches Level 4. Once built, you can create or join Alliances. You can invite friends and other players to join your Alliance. Alliances allow players to share troops and heroes, or request aid from other members. Upgrading the Alliance Portal will increase the amount of reinforcements you an receive. Alliance reinforcements can be used in offensive and defensive engagements. Social activities of sharing units and reinforcing other members of the Alliance will be tracked and accumulated through Alliance Contribution points. If an Alliance is rewarded, rewards will be shared according to each member's contributions.

What can I get from battles?

The main purpose of engaging in battles is to loot resources for your own base's development. However, Reputation can also be gained by engaging in online battles. The game will rank and reward Top Players and Top Alliances in the Leaderboards by Reputation. Battles also yield a variety of loot drops; such as bonus resources, Hero Profile cards[to unlock/hire heroes], and item drops which can be equipped by Heroes to enhance their stats.

What will I lose if an opponent is successful in defeating my base's defenses?

While you will lose some of your resources, you will not lose all of them. You will also lose Reputation points in accordance to the degree of damage. Upon defeat, your base will automatically get a shield to allow you to recover from the defeat. The amount of shield-time available is dependent on the degree of damage.

What do items do?

Once you have earned the item from the Star Dock or from battles, you can check out the item's detailed information in the Inventory Menu, accessed by selecting the "Inventory" icon on the bottom-left section of the screen in Building Mode. Currently, all items will alter the equipped Hero's stats. Rarer items will yield better enhancements.

How does Online Battle matchmaking work?

The Online Battle matchmaking is based on your Reputation, not your level. So, it's possible to attack or be attacked by vastly different level players.

Can I use or play multiple accounts on a single devices?

Yes! You can play Galaxy Factions with any and many Faceroll Game accounts on a single device. Deciding whose turn is it to play is something we will leave up to you!