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DPS: 11.0
Hit Points: 360
Shield: 250
Buy Cost: Matterium.png 500
Daily Cost: Energ.png 10,000
Abilities: Overdrive

Garian is a hero which you'll find in one of the beginning battle quests, who was locked in a death trap. He's itching for a way to get back at his captors and is knowledgeable of the area pretty well. He'll be able to use his squad to attack your mutual enemies.

Garian is an honorable and battle hardened warrior that was once a General of the Blue Galaxy Alliance. A genius tactician with bite that backs up his bark. Garian is renowned around the galaxy as one of the finest warriors in existence.
During Operation "Salvation," Garian and his battalion were ordered to defend a command center against enemy takeover. In the defensive operation, Garian's battalion was significantly outnumbered and suffered heavy casualties. After extreme losses, Garian ordered his battalion to retreat into the command center to fortify their positions and wait for backup. Garian and his troops were ill prepared with what awaited them; an empty command center that was rigged for self-detonation. Luckily, an intelligence and bomb expert was on hand and successfully disabled the detonation sequence.