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So you've found Galaxy Factions, the online 3D Sci-Fi combat strategy experience!

The Basics[edit | edit source]

Attacking[edit | edit source]

Once you click your attack button you'll load up the local galaxy for nearby enemies. Target that asteroid, and let's get underway!

Deploying your troops[edit | edit source]

Once you pick the unit you want to deploy you'll either:

Hold your finger outside the red region to deploy troops rapidly. Tap to place units singularly.

Victory![edit | edit source]

Once you've won you'll have a chance to see your spoils on the battle stats, and then return back to base, perhaps with items obtained. Also if you wish to spend Matterium you can recover surviving units.

Making Your Home Base Home[edit | edit source]

You'll want to make sure to maximize your Energus & Crystal Depots as early as possible, since with the battles you win you'll be able to refill your supplies, which will come in handy later on when you want to build. While you're waiting hang out with your barriers, try to clean them up a little, before you begin to be attacked, so your enemy will have to break through in order to get to you.

Clearing The Galaxies[edit | edit source]

After the first three battles are completed, you'll unlock new galaxies. You can swipe from left and right to see new unlocked places to battle. You'll be able to soon unlock 9, and in the future up to 150 different galaxies beyond what's in the Alliance.

Level Up and Rebuild[edit | edit source]

You'll probably want to head back home and upgrade as you can, if you have the resources, with better ship upgrades and a stronger capital, picking up your Crystals and Energus regularly. Both the Miner and the Extractor have storage capacities, and if you let them max out, you will start to lose out on potential Crystals and Energus.