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DPS: 20.0
Hit Points: 880
Shield: 360
Buy Cost: Matterium.png 700
Daily Cost: Energ.png 30,000
Abilities: Med Capsule Incinerator

An Extremely resilient Blazer, Heat needs only two things to make him happy, Money and the opportunity to Burn!
Heat becomes the "Fire Assassin" once he dons the the customized Blazer suit, spreading chaos and destruction on the battlefield.
Heat's real name is John Stills, and his fascination with fire began at an early age. His escapades with fire have earned him the nickname "Heat" among those unfortunate enough to be around him when he was enjoying fire. Upon hearing that the military will pay for, and train people to shoot flames and set objects and enemies on fire, John signed up and joined the ranks of the Blazers with glee. John's unnatural obsession with fire game him an innate understanding of fire and it's behavior, allowing him to rise quickly through the ranks to become an Elite Blazer. Heat was eventually dishonorably discharged due to his "maniacal and dangerous personality" when using the flamethrower, having burned several of his comrades to death while he was under a fit of flame-throwing-ecstasy. Heat continues to do what he does best as a mercenary: burning oppositions and making a little money on the side.