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In the Hero Menu, you can see the different heroes you have access to use and their various skills, and also be able to equip them with items. For more information about the background of the heroes see Characters.

Hero DPS HP Shield Buy Cost Matterium.png Daily Cost Energ.png Abilities
Garian 11.0 360 250 500 10,000 Overdrive
Vesta 12.0 320 280 600 15,000 Med Capsule
Heat 20.0 880 360 700 30,000 Med Capsule, Incinerator
Lyudmila 19.0 700 200 1000 40,000 Scrambler Shot
Saurius 18.0 900 300 1100 30,000 Overdrive, Rally
Claatoo 40.0 1200 450 1600 75,000 Shell
Vesparon 60.0 1200 500
Minerva 80.0 2300 400
Olga 50.0 1200 300 2000 Scrambler Shot, Sweeper Shot
Panda 100.0 2300 800 2500 Goliath Slam, Taunt

Hero Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Ability Description Cooldown Time
Overdrive Increased Basic Damage of Hero +100% for 20 seconds. 1m40s
Rally Increase Basic Damage of All Units around the hero +120 for 15s. 10m
Med Capsule Recover 250 HP to all human units and the hero. 7m40s
Incinerator Shoot fireball and cause 300 explosive damage towards target structures. 9m
Scrambler Shot A shot that scrambles and disables turrets for 15s. 50m
Sweeper Shot A linear shot that reveals and triggers all mines along it's path. 14m
Shell Generate a 15 second shield for all units around the Hero. Shield's endurance is equal to unit's 100% HP. 6m
Goliath Slam A devastating punch that deals 1000 explosive damage towards the target. 20m
Taunt Forces enemy units in area to focus on unit. Cuts damage taken by 80%. Lasts 20s. 24m