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Laser Turret

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Laser Turret
Laser Turret.png
Armor Points: 320
DPS: 16
Attack Range: 10
Attack Type: Single, True
Target Type: Ground
Preferred Target: Closest Enemy
Damage Type: Laser

The Laser Turret is a laser weapon that packs a wallop, dealing true damage (ignoring shields) to enemies. Singular damage to ground units.

Level Cost Crystal.png DPS Armor pts Shield pts Upgrade time Command Ctr Req
Lv. 1 450 16 320 0 2m 5
Lv. 2 3000 19 350 70 30m 5
Lv. 3 15,000 23 380 75 3h 6
Lv. 4
Lv. 5
Lv. 6