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DPS: 17.0
Hit Points: 700
Shield: 200
Buy Cost: Matterium.png 1000
Daily Cost: Energ.png 40,000
Abilities: Scrambler Shot

Her Disable ability is extremely useful. She is an early Hero in which the player can earn for free at the early stages of the game. She has reduced durability in battle due to her range, her preferred targeting, and her skill. This increased vulnerability will force the early players to more carefully consider their deployment tactics

The 2nd best sniper in the Galaxy, Lyudmila is a young and flirtatious young woman who has potential to become the best at her craft. Her sniping abilities and off-duty partying have earned her the nickname "Heart Sniper".
Despite the fact that Lyudmila spends much of her off-duty time period partying and having fun, her sniping skills remain top-class. Her focus, calculative abilities and her natural instinct of prediction has elevated her through the ranks and earned her a reputation of being one of the most deadly women in the galaxy.
Olga, Lyudmila's rival, comments "that woman's first passion is sniping men's hearts. Her 2nd passion is sniping. If those priorities were reversed, I'd be 2nd best."