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DPS: 50.0
Hit Points: 1200
Shield: 300
Buy Cost: Matterium.png 2000
Abilities: Scrambler Shot, Sweeper Shot

She is able to take turret damage to the face and still be able to push turrets like an unstoppable boss. With her combined range, her disable skill, and her preferred Turret targeting makes her a menace even without her skills.

Olga has a few words for Lyudmila, Olga's rival. "Lyudmila's first passion is sniping men's hearts. Her second passion is sniping. If those priorities were reversed, I'd be the 2nd best."
Olga is the most dangerous active sniper in the galaxy. Her skills as a sniper were honed due to her large size; sneaking and hiding are not her strong points. Instead she sharpened her skills to hit targets from mind-boggling distances.
Olga grew up as a large child; no matter what she did, she could not reduce her frame size. Because of her size, the other children did not want to include her in any of their activities. As a result, Olga spent a lot of time with her father, doing what they loved most; spending father and daughter time, hunting and shooting. Olga's father taught her all the skills and techniques of shooting, tracking and hunting. Possessing exceptional skills and constantly being praised for them, Olga poured herself in her training and focused on distance and accuracy and elevated her skills to inhuman levels at a young age.
When Olga eventually entered into the Galaxy Alliance Sniper Academy, many of her colleagues made fun of her and her size. She quickly dispelled any misconceptions of her abilities as she rose through the ranks and holds the top records for accuracy, precision and distance shots.