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DPS: 100.0
Hit Points: 2300
Shield: 800
Buy Cost: Matterium.png 2500
Daily Cost: Energ.png 30,000
Abilities: Goliath Slam, Taunt

As a giant in a Panda suit he is a menacing melee unit.

The first half of the 21st century saw the rise of the cruel, but entertaining Animal Fight League (AFL). This bloody league pitted various animals against each other in a caged fight where only a single victor emerged. It was also the stage for the rise of, arguably, the greatest fighter of all time.
China's rise to power during the first half of the 21st century marked a pivotal turning point for the country and China needed a symbol of their power and growth; it was only natural that they had trained and entered a Panda, named TyChen into the AFL to compete against the world. While the Panda was trained in Kung Fu and various other forms of hand to hand combat, it was Boxing that came naturally to TyChen and allowed the panda to maximize it's fighting potential.
TyChen and China's dominance in the AFL established to the world that China was now a, if not THE, superpower of the new world. Despite dominance of the panda in the AFL TyChen grew old and it's aging body would be the only thing to stop it. China decided to preserve TyChen's mind and build a super strong robotic panda body to be the vessel of TyChen's brain. With the merge of superior fighting instinct and ungodly technological advances, the Legend of the Android Panda becomes an undying reminder of the abomination that humans will construct to cement their legacy throughout history.