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DPS: 18.0
Hit Points: 900
Shield: 300
Buy Cost: Matterium.png 1100
Daily Cost: Energ.png 30,000
Abilities: Overdrive, Rally
Saurius, the dinosaur-looking humanoid, strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies on the battlefield. His strength and speed far exceed those of normal humans and his physical appearance alone is enough to create panic and chaos.
Saurius, however, was originally a celebrated warrior; on that was framed and sentenced to death for treason by conspirators in the upper echelons of the military in fear of his charisma and influence. Seeing the opportunity to experiment on such a fine specimen, a demented scientist was able to win favor with the authorities and was granted the condemned warrior for use in twisted experimentation. The mad doctor conducted many tests on the once decorated warrior and eventually was able to produce a humanoid creature that would be the idea soldier on the battlefield. Accompanying the boosted physical performance and cosmetic changes, the warrior's mental condition also regressed into a more beastly nature. The mad doctor called his creation Saurius and marveled at his success in what seems to be the perfect soldier.
However, all would not end well for the doctor. Saurius was able to break from his prison, eliminate the doctor, and escape from the test facility. While there are no traces of Saurius' original form, his speech, battle instincts, and physical abilities are all intact and enhanced. Having the need to just survive, Saurius sells his skills to the highest bidder.