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DPS: 12.0
Hit Points: 320
Shield: 280
Buy Cost: Matterium.png 600
Daily Cost: Energ.png 15,000
Abilities: Med Capsule

Vesta is a strong fire user, which attacks at very close range with fire. She doesn't have very much HP or shield, compared to the other heroes, so in battle, position her wisely.

Despite her strong personality and honorable nature, Vesta, or Adelene Elson, had a problematic childhood growing up,
Adelene was always the smallest girl in the class and normally not he brightest. Due to her dainty and homely nature, she was always bullied by other children. There was not much that brought her joy or peace, except for dancing. As a child she loved to watch people dance and to dance herself. It made her forget about all the troubles and problems in her life.
On one particular day in her childhood years, she found some kids playing with fireworks in the woods. She watched the children from afar, taking notice that these children were the same children that were bullying her at school. As the children played about, with sticks of fire in their hands, one of the misfits accidentally dropped a lit stick into a box full of fireworks. The box exploded and the children that were playing around it all caught on fire. Despite the chaos that ensued, little Adelene did not notice the fire horror. Instead, all she saw was the beautiful dance of the flames as they twisted, moved, and flickered about.
Adelene, for reasons that make sense to those that understand, eventually joined the Blazers Corp and rose through the ranks to be one of the top Blazer troops. She now performs her duties without fail and perhaps more intimately, enjoys the dancing of the flames whenever she creates them.